Monday, December 9, 2013

Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simoe'

Le Club coming soon 2015

Gothic Gates Venice

by R.M.Simone’

Sometimes Love Begins this Way

We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, 
written in the stars,
and holds us in her bosom of forever.
Every girl, young maiden, and mature woman carries that dream and we never speak it.
For if we did our dream would not come into being, 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

NOVELLA. Alleandrea, his Beloved

People tell me in reading my Books, that their own inner beauty of love opens as does a feeling of love Codes become activated for Key Soul Mates or Twin Loves.  
It is hard to explain this but I am a spiritual healer, work with feng shui and transpersonal counselor.   
I place love in my writing that is born of what my Inspiration of Vision gives me through these Love stories of Eros and Psyche.  
I am very romantic and do love beautiful stories with a 'message' in them and beautiful endings.

This is my Alleandrea....
she is a blending of French and Italian Ancestry and Merovingian with Carolingian bloodlines. He is Merovingian and his bloodlines date back to 
the first King of France Clovis. 
 He is an Immortal and she is Mortal.   

They are TWINS.

Right now there is such an Awakening of the CHRIST MAGDALENE lineage going on. Although my BOOK V of which these two characters come from are Fiction and Romance genre, within the series of Books are laced CODES, key information for the reader in real time to follow and to experience.

 I feel this love story will resonate to all of you that had connection to France during the 1700's where i set this story. I also feel and believe this love story was waiting to be written by my 'hand'. I too play a part in this story, this is why it is so real for me although set in Fiction. I was there and i remember these characters. Sometimes when i WRITE i am merely the vehicle for a MESSAGE or Story to FLOW through me. Sometimes when i WRITE i am the observer and then moments i am IN THE STORY too. It is very much so with this story as it touches me so deeply for i was there. Another time? Another dimension or a real past life if you believe in that sort of thing.

 It will ENCHANT you.

 It is a Love Story of rare love and TRUE LOVE. Just the kind of Love Story we all HOPE for and it is TWIN LOVE. Roshandra warmly writing on....

Alleandrea opens the Door of 'his Heart' when he first saw her at his Uncle's Ball of the Swans. The stage was set but he did not expect Love to walk into his Life. Often when Cosmic love comes to us we are as awe struck as lightening hitting us. Kismet happens. She kindled his Soul and opened his Heart to beat again. He did not see this coming. She did not see him till she was standing in front of him. THEN it all changed for them both Instantly. 

THE CHAPTER ""THE KISS""" by Roshandra...
.all rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon March 17, 2010

The SARABANDE' for Chapter One
The Kiss

Music from AZUL ...Cal Howard and his Deviant Art'

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Alchemy, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone'

MY New BOOK   ALCHEMY, the Gold Ring 

i am really pleased i just heard from one of my 'reader' fans on my ALCHEMY the Gold Ring she is reading...i read her email and almost fell off my chair at Starbuck's omg she so was funny cute and to the point here is what she SHARED

Jessica Petersen August 4th, 2013 WROTE

I don't know what to say ! But Alchemy is hot ! It was like you got in my head and wrote one of my fantasies ! Stunning !!!

i'm in love with the characters ! You are unique in your romance writing , because you bless your reader in a psychic energetic way . I'm annoyed with most romance books , I get a harlequin newsletter and most of the books the female character tends to not be fiesty but more bitchy with a chip on their shoulder . Your characters are humble yet strong . It is like watching an old movie it gives real butterflies . I'm so happy to have discovered you !

i truly feel so HUMBLED by this and so thrilled and delighted ....when i know someone is reading my 'words' and that they FEEL what i am putting into the story...the energy and that they are into the Book and can't put it down....i like my characters to be complex and yet pure and yet flawed...discovering parts of themselves in their spiritual journey and i am HIGHLY that plays out all the time...but it changes...this current story is an example of how my CHARACTERS take 'me too along' as i share their story... 

i just had to share this and i am so pleased at the moment and truly happy...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

VELVET by Roshandra for Fan Fiction

Velvet    by Roshandra

 What "Edward and Bella" Want You To Know
by Roshandra for Fan Fiction
 the 'characters' belong to Stephanie Myers and TWILIGHT
Fan Fiction allows the use of the characters name in a story

The STORY "VELVET, What Edward and Bella Want You To Know"
BELONGS to Roshandra

this is a 'gift story' for all the fan fiction and Twilight followers of this Love Story and characters about Edward and Bella.

I began to ponder the completion of TWILIGHT Saga and as an 'author' myself, Roshandra, I began to see a 'story' present itself to me through these two characters and what began to be a Dimensional Life of Bella and Edward that might make more sense to the FAN and the personal lives of the 'characters' behind the Actors of this Story.
Bella and Edward are living an Idyllic life as TWILIGHT books and films close.
Fans were wanting to know more.
Behind the 'energy scenes of this story' another story lies there with something
that BELLA and EDWARD Wish to tell all the Fans and Readers of this story.

It came as a 'dream' the meadow scene to the original author.
It came into being as a film and first director Catherine Hardwicke.
Now it comes to help the rest of this story give a MESSAGE about what happens behind the Dream message, the book, the film and all the rest that plays out in Hollywood.
ARE BELLA and EDWARD "Real"...
I think so and this Story brings you this
 MESSAGE of theirs about this RARE Special LOVE they have
Even about the 'break up' which is part of the story now too.

Dimensional realities are not fantasy but it opens the 'door' through which we pass into realms that are a blending of imagination and messages of meaning.

Open the story in Fan Fiction from Roshandra.
Music is included

the CODES are in the Music
Avignon is the Emissary 7 D angelic guide
Regulus is Reggie the White Lion from Lyra-Sirius
David Da Vinci is the Music track man 11 D angelic sound mixer

       THE MUSIC VELVET from SOUND MAN in London - France

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Forest of His Mind by R.M.Simone'

The Forest of His Mind 

His Dream and Love was coming back into his Arms
What surprised him was this Shakespeare world opened in the Trees
This brought him into a Love story of his Past lives.
Women dream of this stuff all the time, men, even those in the Literary English Writing world
 question if this is Real.  Why did she feel so familiar to him and why a Shakespeare Play
Trees and Shakspeare in Ashland, Oregon.
aThe Fan Fniction story is evolved now into this BOOK
 ~ Forest of his Mind  
 along with the Gate to England 
 and the Girl with Green eyes    he is SURROUNDED by TREES and his work is saving all the GREEN he can on the Global Forest is his favorite color and having trees around him...his life style is unique as is how he created his business...Saving the Forest..
.Green Project... 

The Forest of his Mind 
by R.M.Simone' 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Novella...Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone' 'e' book

 Novella   Alleandrea, his Beloved    
                                       by R.M.Simone


Book available now  

I am thrilled to announce my '‘e’ Book is now ready for those of you wishing to read some of my work.  Please email me here or follow the Links 

Gratzie', Roshandra warmly writing on 

Please EMAIL me to purchase the PDF copy directly at
or you may also purchase from the 'e' book for your kindle, or laptop.
or you may purchase a Hard Copy of the Book through LuLu

Music for Sarabande' from Book V also in Novella  Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone

Music is from Azul Music, Cal Howard playing the Sarabande on acoustical guitar.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Allean....Alleandrea...LOVE meets Itself...

Allean’ …Book V
by R.M.Simone’

When Love walks in the Door of our Lives
or Finds itself coming to our Front Door 
We Open that Door and we Fall into the Arms of this Love

He told himself, 'Breathe, just Breathe/...

He was standing there inside this Renaissance home 
Standing at the bottom of the Stair way with Beauty and Art of the 1700's surrounding him.
The business meeting was designed to let the Star Crossed Loves meet.
He did not know he was walking into her Life that day and stood there realizing it was her voice he was hearing from upstairs speaking Italian. He wanted to run and bolt and he was again Enchanted in his own Dream that Mab SPUN around him when She first came to him in his Past.
Now he felt everything he had been Seeking was Suddenly about to enter his Life Again.
He stood there
he waited
her Vision became real
She saw him and went Silent
walking down the stair way slowly a step at a time
She saw her Love finally again
Love remembers all things and Love remains True
Kismet was once Again
he told himself as this Beauty of his Love walked towards him down the stairs 
that this time it was Eternal
That moment when you see your Future coming towards you
Everything stops so you take it all in
His Dream and Love was coming back into his Arms

he told himself...
'Breathe, just Breathe'..

'I missed you so much'
manip Rob Pattinson
Allean’ …Book V
by R.M.Simone’


Sunday, February 10, 2013

BOOK V by Roshandra

Book V

Roshandra Micael Simone’
all rights reserved to original owner and may not be copied …owned by Roshandra M Simon

I always see the remedy in pain. I see the subtle gift and fidelity in angry quarrels and betrayals.
When I look down, I don't see the earth. And when i look up, I don't see the valut of the sky.
Whatever I glance at, I see YOU.
~ Rumi ~   

ARTIST Csaba Markus Original art

my main character is Botticelli's Venus on a Half  Shell...

Her 'innocence' he saw from the moment she walked into the room.   On the 'arm of her father', she was the only one not wearing a mask.  Her hair was loose in tendrals of auburn sun and light, a cascade of beauty around her face and form.  
He could not 'breathe' when his eyes beheld her.
Kismet happens all the time if only we 'show up' and see what has entered our Lives.
She walked towards him unknowing her love was standing there waiting for her.
"Breathe, he told himself, just breathe."

Book V  by Roshandra

Lovers across time and history and the stars 

allr rights reserved and owned by Roshandra 

and some Music Jason Charles Rogers is producing for the Project...
thank you Jason and ZILLO Records

The Entrance to his Uncle's Mansion was with this Theme of the SWANS
Love was waiting to be found and met that Night.
He carried his mask as his entrance to the Evening but she too carried her mask.
Neither of them wore their Swan masks.
The doors opened to their Hearts and this Love...

The SARABANDE' for Chapter One

The Kiss

Music from AZUL ...Cal Howard and his Deviant Art'

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alleandrea's Immortal Soul

Book V  

   Alleandrea’s Night of Her Soul  
by R.M.Simone’

She was a mixture of her ‘past’ and another time and the journey her soul took her on into the depths of the darkness and then returning her to the light.  Within her ‘blood’ was the secret and the fact she was an immortal too.  He awaited her return to incarnation but he did not expect how she had changed.  She was different and filled with the wonder of this gift.  To his surprise once they ‘met’ again he was going to find that she was both sides of the same Coin.  The music played on, “Breathe, he told himself as he walked up to her to dance once again with her. Around them where all the previous past life players and a cast within their own lives but it was Now in this time. As he held out his hand to her and she smiled looking up into his eyes she responded. His hand went to that familiar small of her back where his hand had always fit perfectly.  The dancers around them began to spin and twirl and the waltz was playing. The 'Sarabande' flooding their senses and his mind  engaged into the music.  A doorway into the other time opened and both this moment and the past merged. Customs of the Masquerade with beautiful Venetian Gold Swan masks on all of the dancers moved around them as he held this gift in his arms again.  On a lake of midnight blue water they danced but this time her being an immortal brought him into his fullness of his own Being.
In his Bed and in His Heart     

.    'Breathe, he told himself Just Breathe'
all rights reserved and owned by roshandra mitchell simon 
February 2, 2012
Her family home was filled with Renaissance beauty and art of another time and world. 
He walked into the foyer of her home and was taken back to another time and her. 
He looked up the staircase and imagined how often she walked up and down this stairway. For him stairs were transitions from the past to his thoughts and always his signature was a spiral staircase. Now he stood at the foot of this one and his heart beating waiting for her to descend and not able to Breathe'.  How it all had changed and merged and yet it was not written yet and he was in his own story and dream and love again. 
Everything about this moment was etched into his mind and upon his Heart.  
He waited and smiled.  His Heart in his hand and with Love. 

Book V  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Wine by Roshandra part of Book V Trilogy

Book V  
Winter Wine  
By R. Micael’ Simone’

November 27, 2012   All rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon

Winter Wine had a string of males all falling at her Jimmy Choo feet...and not one minded how she used them.  After all, she dominated her prey and they liked her having 'control' and as a seductress no one matched her skills.  She left her men tired  and begging for more and she would coolly walk out of the hotel suite and not even look back.  The air would be sucked out of the room and leave with her.  Tempting and seductive and beyond what most men could handle, no one was as cool as she was or as emotionally detached.  Men loved her for that and she did live up to her reputation.  The art of the seductress is something every mortal man fantasized on but an immortal male too was no match for her skills.  She never disappointed and never loved any of them. Winter Wine...winter is coming and the Sauvignon grapes were ready for harvest...she is planning a winter party and masks were included and so was a blindfold...'hmmmm, are you attending she asked?' her personal hand written letter with her Black Red Wax...Seal upon it.'   

Please bring a friend for Menage a Trios'. 

Winter Wine  
Part of the TRILOGY of Book V by R. Micael' Simone 

November 27, 2012   All rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon
 Part II Winter Wine Novella * Music Man

Winter Wine could not get the music out of her mind.

She did not even like those romantic classical songs in fact she was not a romantic type and yet...suddenly she was hearing this music in her head all the time. She looked at herself in the window reflection of the couture saloon and sighed.  Her abdomen was showing her baby bump and she could no longer hide this fact.  She was with child, in fact twins.  Her moods where all over the place and she was feeling love and mothering thoughts.  All the romantic ideas of getting married too...ugh she thought to herself.  "How could this be happening?'  She left her shopping spree feeling and headed to the Bugatti he left her drive from that  night.  How could she be with child and feeling as she was?  She slide into the sports car and adjusted the steering wheel to give her tummy room...ugh...slipped on
her sunglasses and was feeling a good cry come on... 

WINTER WINE by R.M.Simone'...

all rights reserved and owned by Roshandra M Simon and part of BOOK V Series.

Ariane' by Roshandra part of BOOK V Trilogy

Book V  

By R. Micael’ Simone
All rights reserved and original work owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon August 11, 2­­012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...  
Her spirit guides spoke to her through the heirloom of the family mirror.  Magic was in her and as an Immortal of the good kind, Ariane’ kept her Blue Blood cousin well informed.  Her nemesis was Winter Wine and her dark friend Black Lace. Parties and soirees’ in Paris and the fashion was the window dressing for the show…all showing their best style.
Now ladies ‘be nice.’

Paris, will never be the same...

Book V  by Roshandra

Winter Winter 
Ariane' is the second book of the Book V ~ Trilogy by R. Micael' Simone'