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 Enchanted Twin Love, is it Real?
R.M.Simone Guest Blog
Everywhere you look, books on twin love or twin flames flood the shelves in bookshops. The Twilight books affirmed the desire for true love, even if he was a vampire and she a mortal. A Romeo Juliet love story is always sitting there in our base psyches wishing to ‘come alive’. The Enchanted Fairy Tale and classic love stories await being awakened in us all. 

We all dream of that twin love, that true love be everlasting. This is the love of the soul seeking its original other half reflected in the relationship of a magical or cosmic nature that brings this love into being. Do enchanted or enchantingly charming love stories exist beyond the writer’s imagination or the fables of time gone by? I like to believe so.
Within each of us sits Eros and Psyche waiting to open Pandora’s Box so we may fall head-over-heels into a Looking Glass that reflects the kind of love that that is equal to desire. We ardently seek this kind of twin love. We want to bring together that which has drifted apart from our own soul.

Twin Love Enchantment
Psychologist Bruno Bettelheim wrote: Fairy tales are maps for the psyche and the child becomes a blueprint to guide the soul as it encounters the landscape symbolism in real life. In other words, stories of myth, legend and fable leave an imprint on our psyches and help us find true love.

Twin love is also known as twin flame. This is the spiritual love that I try to capture in my books, as well as the work I do with others on real-life dreams and relationships. Twin flames are a catalyst for Kundalini rising, opening both the flame passions of the heart and our sexual spiritual energy. There are other kinds of twins in the love cosmos: twin angelic loves, starseed twins, elemental twins, mermaid twins, twin rays and the completion twin ideal love mates. This is also true of soul mates and key soul mates.

The alchemy of twin flames opens the doors of the heart, lights the body fires and leads to the spiritual awakening of body and spirit. In those fires, passion forges links to complete a Tantric connection. Enchantment is real, even after the magic spell wears off. It is called LOVE.

My books draw on the great myths and I set out in my stories to embed codes and energies that activate and attract twin love into the lives of my readers. Love in a contemporary sense means passion, high sexual content, erotica. At the core of this is my own desire to share love stories that enchant the reader and opens their hearts to those realms that only love can take them into.

"The dream I carried inside was maybe a fantasy about love. 
I was too old for fairy tales. 
I did, however, hold to this wish, that love in some strange way would ‘meet itself’ pouring forth all that was withheld.
I never told anyone about my wish.”


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