Saturday, April 21, 2012

Le Club by Roshandra

Le Club  by Roshandra


 The Night is filled with Magic and Her Pulse. Water, harbor, evening city lights, sounds, darkness, and the romance of that which is to come. Danger, intrigue, sexual rhythms and the Twilight time is in Motion. The Pulse of New York City pulls you into the underground of the hidden world there. The World of  the planet functions in a myriad of layers and catacombs to a way of living in this City. Music and Love, Sophisticated and Primal, Black and White Unfolds in the Paradox of it all as it embraces you.  It is the Night and the City which has you in Her Hands. What choice to make is not the Way in but rather Let go and Enter.  Subterranean poets and Jazz and the Night Takes you Into HER Bosom. The Night Has you and so Does the City..Surrender…Let go and the Door of your Soul Opens….
Le Club

Le Club 
all rights owned and reserved to  Roshandra Mitchell Simon