Sunday, September 22, 2013

NOVELLA. Alleandrea, his Beloved

People tell me in reading my Books, that their own inner beauty of love opens as does a feeling of love Codes become activated for Key Soul Mates or Twin Loves.  
It is hard to explain this but I am a spiritual healer, work with feng shui and transpersonal counselor.   
I place love in my writing that is born of what my Inspiration of Vision gives me through these Love stories of Eros and Psyche.  
I am very romantic and do love beautiful stories with a 'message' in them and beautiful endings.

This is my Alleandrea....
she is a blending of French and Italian Ancestry and Merovingian with Carolingian bloodlines. He is Merovingian and his bloodlines date back to 
the first King of France Clovis. 
 He is an Immortal and she is Mortal.   

They are TWINS.

Right now there is such an Awakening of the CHRIST MAGDALENE lineage going on. Although my BOOK V of which these two characters come from are Fiction and Romance genre, within the series of Books are laced CODES, key information for the reader in real time to follow and to experience.

 I feel this love story will resonate to all of you that had connection to France during the 1700's where i set this story. I also feel and believe this love story was waiting to be written by my 'hand'. I too play a part in this story, this is why it is so real for me although set in Fiction. I was there and i remember these characters. Sometimes when i WRITE i am merely the vehicle for a MESSAGE or Story to FLOW through me. Sometimes when i WRITE i am the observer and then moments i am IN THE STORY too. It is very much so with this story as it touches me so deeply for i was there. Another time? Another dimension or a real past life if you believe in that sort of thing.

 It will ENCHANT you.

 It is a Love Story of rare love and TRUE LOVE. Just the kind of Love Story we all HOPE for and it is TWIN LOVE. Roshandra warmly writing on....

Alleandrea opens the Door of 'his Heart' when he first saw her at his Uncle's Ball of the Swans. The stage was set but he did not expect Love to walk into his Life. Often when Cosmic love comes to us we are as awe struck as lightening hitting us. Kismet happens. She kindled his Soul and opened his Heart to beat again. He did not see this coming. She did not see him till she was standing in front of him. THEN it all changed for them both Instantly. 

THE CHAPTER ""THE KISS""" by Roshandra...
.all rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon March 17, 2010

The SARABANDE' for Chapter One
The Kiss

Music from AZUL ...Cal Howard and his Deviant Art'


  1. Thank you Andrea from FACE BOOK
    Andrea Johnson Yesterday the hard copy of the book arrived... when I opened the package and held the book in my hands - a wave of amazing love swept into me... I swayed with dizziness at the intensity of it... LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. This sounds amazing! (And I love the photo above, too!)