Monday, March 18, 2013

Allean....Alleandrea...LOVE meets Itself...

Allean’ …Book V
by R.M.Simone’

When Love walks in the Door of our Lives
or Finds itself coming to our Front Door 
We Open that Door and we Fall into the Arms of this Love

He told himself, 'Breathe, just Breathe/...

He was standing there inside this Renaissance home 
Standing at the bottom of the Stair way with Beauty and Art of the 1700's surrounding him.
The business meeting was designed to let the Star Crossed Loves meet.
He did not know he was walking into her Life that day and stood there realizing it was her voice he was hearing from upstairs speaking Italian. He wanted to run and bolt and he was again Enchanted in his own Dream that Mab SPUN around him when She first came to him in his Past.
Now he felt everything he had been Seeking was Suddenly about to enter his Life Again.
He stood there
he waited
her Vision became real
She saw him and went Silent
walking down the stair way slowly a step at a time
She saw her Love finally again
Love remembers all things and Love remains True
Kismet was once Again
he told himself as this Beauty of his Love walked towards him down the stairs 
that this time it was Eternal
That moment when you see your Future coming towards you
Everything stops so you take it all in
His Dream and Love was coming back into his Arms

he told himself...
'Breathe, just Breathe'..

'I missed you so much'
manip Rob Pattinson
Allean’ …Book V
by R.M.Simone’