Book V

Book V
by Roshandra Micael Simone’

Part of a Trilogy 

Allow me to INTRODUCE you to """VALLEN Le TOUSSIANT"""  this is Book V ...his love story and he is the Man that his Beloved Alleandrea opens this door of his Heart and Soul....  

this is not his FULL name but this opens the 'door of his life and a little about who he is'....he is an Immortal from the Past in Paris, France with a Story of not only his Beloved but of the MANSIONS of France, Family Bloodlines that will lead the reader through an interesting NOW TIME.  Change is part of his Mission Purpose,  He is an AWAKENED one and this means going from vampire into immortal and into Shinning One.   

Changes of the Heart from the darkness of coal to the brilliance of a Diamond.  His LOVE Kindled him into BECOMING that which he is.  LOVE is a mysterious gift of Creation and of the FEMININE Divine...  They are TWINS...there is a story on that too and how they were kept apart till it was TIME for LOVE to FIND ITSELF.  

  A beautiful Love story...Roshandra warmly writing on  Book V

If you were an IMMORTAL how would you Look NOW?  
To blend in is part of the concealment of time and not aging.  Moving around, slight changes to the name, business where you are able to do commerce but stay hidden.  
This is a New era and Time and being Immortal has its purpose and advantages. 

Book V is coming...

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  1. QUESTIONS on this ::::
    If a three book series is called a trilogy then whats a two book called?

    i already know that the second book is called the squeal, and the the first is the prequel, but what are they called altogether. like how there is a trilogy for 3 books together, and a saga for four so what do you call it for two


    Well, you're right about a trilogy being a set of 3 books, you're right about what a sequel is.

    You're wrong about a saga, as someone else has pointed out. And, you're wrong about what a prequel is. A prequel takes place before the original work. For instance, take a look at the Star Wars movies. The first one was made decades ago, and then in the nineties they came out with three prequels - the prequels took place before the very first Star Wars film, and showed Skywalker before he became Darth Vader. So the original work was the very first one decades ago, and the prequels' storylines took place before it - even though they were made several films later.

    Two books is a duology, you can check on the following links because they're all interlinked. The link to duology incorrectly leads to trilogy.

    Tetralogy is four books

    Pentalogy means a work of 5:


    Here's another one that means a series of 7 works that follow the same storyline:

    Saga (it's understandable the mix-up with the "Twilight Saga," but it's actually a Series):

    Saga in the Twilight instance might be used by the third definition for Saga, and not meant to mean a series of 4 books:…