Friday, September 30, 2011

The Forest of Edward's Mind ~ story by Roshandra

For each Chapter there will be an ON Going Story ~ Book ~ Visual ART  for the Fan Fiction Blog that connects to this.

The Theme is the Story Cannon revolves around Edward and Bella's LOVE and the  unsettled 'challenges' of his not wanting to 'change her into a vampire'. Bella's character develops a deeper side of her knowing this is what she stubbornly wants and sees her life with Edward and the Cullen family as the Life she is to be with. Edward though must go deeper into his own personal wisdom and challenge that he feels overly responsible to protect Bella and to keep her as she 'is'. Human and although he loves her eternally he does not want to 'change' her'. Bella feels she was MEANT to 'die' and events move this Beautiful couple and Love Story to a parting and a Wedding shut down. She is mad and upset and he had hoped she would 'break it off'. This would give her stand to leave Edward. Just as he hoped she would she did and yet she Ran a Wooden STAKE thru his Heart and surprised Edward.

Edward was shaken to his 'core and in Rio he was bleeding from the inside out. He had to HUNT and quench his thirst and pain. This is when he met someone that was of his own nature. JAGUAR 'energy'  takes Edward for a Ride.  The hunter is hunted ! He has a new car of this nature too. His life was changing and he had to move forward. 

The Cullens were moving to England. Edward was going to have a Business and it would be not only GREEN but ECO purposeful. He took the TREES of FORKS with him and added TREES of RIO rain forest and a Gate to ENGLAND as well. TREES became his Sanctuary and the world of Quiet as his Mind was in the Forest of the TREES now. Bella was always there in his thoughts ~

The Angel though of FATE was guiding both Edward and Bella now an this TEST of Love...Happy endings are possible......even for this rare Twin Soulmate STAR on... 

Story by Roshandra  Mitchell Simon ~Story is Owned and Created by Roshandra Mitchell Simon and all Rights are Reserved. August 11, 2011 created  by Roshandra.
~ Characters belong to Stephanie Myers of Twilight 'no copyright infringements meant'.

The Forest of Edward's Mind story by Roshandra 

Chapter 1  Of Edward….Rio di genro’

Chapter 2 Forest and the Woods of Edward’s Heart ~ 

Chapter 3 The Jaguar  ~ 

Chapter 4 The Miracle. if you want to call it that

chapter 5 The Flight Home ~

  Chapter 6 The Family Discussion

Chapter 7 ~ the Wrecking Ball