Saturday, September 21, 2013

Alchemy, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone'

MY New BOOK   ALCHEMY, the Gold Ring 

i am really pleased i just heard from one of my 'reader' fans on my ALCHEMY the Gold Ring she is reading...i read her email and almost fell off my chair at Starbuck's omg she so was funny cute and to the point here is what she SHARED

Jessica Petersen August 4th, 2013 WROTE

I don't know what to say ! But Alchemy is hot ! It was like you got in my head and wrote one of my fantasies ! Stunning !!!

i'm in love with the characters ! You are unique in your romance writing , because you bless your reader in a psychic energetic way . I'm annoyed with most romance books , I get a harlequin newsletter and most of the books the female character tends to not be fiesty but more bitchy with a chip on their shoulder . Your characters are humble yet strong . It is like watching an old movie it gives real butterflies . I'm so happy to have discovered you !

i truly feel so HUMBLED by this and so thrilled and delighted ....when i know someone is reading my 'words' and that they FEEL what i am putting into the story...the energy and that they are into the Book and can't put it down....i like my characters to be complex and yet pure and yet flawed...discovering parts of themselves in their spiritual journey and i am HIGHLY that plays out all the time...but it changes...this current story is an example of how my CHARACTERS take 'me too along' as i share their story... 

i just had to share this and i am so pleased at the moment and truly happy...


  1. What an awesome comment! I think that would make any writers day! :)

    1. Hi Meradeth Houston, it made my MONTH...Jessica is a sweetie and i love chatting on I M with those that are following my books and enjoy the characters...thanks for your sweet comment LOVED it.....Roshandra warmly writing can catch me on FACEBOOK at :::

  2. well here is Jessica Roberts..(ONE of my Readers and Fans))).mention on getting into ALCHEMY she sent me an email this morning..MADE my day...gotta share and her husband now is interested in reading ALCHEMY too....he normally reads mysteries but he liked the male character i model in this book...i am SURPRISED when i first LAUNCHED a lot of GUYS bought this book....Women are buying it now and i love sharing this...

    Books by roshandra October 9, 2013
    so here is JESSICA's Am email to me.... Jessica Peterson I am really engrossed in Alchemy this book is AWESOME ! The characters are very complex , Jacqueline oh my , she does not take a hint ! Loving this book ! Dang Roshandra you are an amazing writer !!!!!! Jessica Petersen I'm blushing at the scenes , very sensuous but classically done ! OMG