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Novella   Alleandrea, his Beloved 
                                       by R.M.Simone

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Gratzie', Roshandra warmly writing on
The Book 'V" was the BRIDGE between them both and their Love.

She was heading off to Paris and then NYC for her family business but her cousin's birthday gift to her was hidden away into her carry on luggage.  
She was meant to find this 'gift' that would bring them back together now.

He too was being guided to find this Book "V" so he could find her now too.
She was reading her own 'Love Story' and was immersing into the pages of love again.
He was barely able to breathe as being guide to this Book made his world go upside down.

This is a sweet story to introduce you to Love, these Beautiful Characters and their Bridge to find each other.

Have you have felt guided to a book?  Or has someone given you something that was a KEY to open up something that was sitting there waiting for you to find it?  The Universe has amazing ways to work in our Lives.  That Which we are Seeing, is Seeking us. 
Lovers meet, lovers part, lovers find each other.

Warmly writing on, Roshandra
When Love walks in the Door of our Lives
or Finds itself coming to our Front Door 
We Open that Door and we Fall into the Arms of this Love

He told himself, 'Breathe, just Breathe/... 

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Music for Sarabande' from Book V also in Novella  Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone

Music is from Azul Music, Cal Howard playing the Sarabande on acoustical guitar.
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MY NEW Book on Practical Information on Love Relationships is AVAILABLE NOW also

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A Practical guide to issues of the Heart and Relationships now.
A Paradigm change has brought into the souls of those seeking relationship love in a way like never before.  What is the difference of your Twin Flame, Essence Twin and Twin True Love with our Mission service?
Units of Divinity of the Sacred forms of Divine Relationships.  Venus is influencing us greatly as does the DIVINE FEMININE, the Magdalene energy and our own Hearts and Karma to connect with the RIGHT LOVE Dance Partner.  You have more then one soul mate, three types of twin relationships, and the PARADIGM energy is changing us into the HEART leading the way.  Balancing our polarity, healing the old wounds of the past and being WHOLE unto yourself now is the Doorway to this NEW balance of Love.  In my 'work' I counsel many people on this subject and guide both men and women into the realms of the Higher Divine Sacred Love.  Doing your inner work is key as is Balance and Enlightenment.  The Book is a Guide on this subject of Love
Blessings Roshanda warmly writing on

next BOOK coming is FOR MEN ONLY  
issues of a man's heart and love

ALCHEMY, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone'
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The Gold Ring

By R.M.Simone’

At Costes Boutique Hotel Paris Rance 
“My dear, have at me, I am all yours.”  
I smiled and handed her the red silk cord.  She began to tie my one arm, stretching it to the bed head board, than my free arm reached for her to draw her to me.  She smiled and slide fully on top of me.  I smiled as she took her preferred seat upon what pleasured her.  I smiled more as she began to find new passion with more excitement.  My free hand moved over her body and breasts.  Each movement brought a new level of intensity to her motions as her aura began to spark gold now.  Her pleasure was cresting as it seemed she did need to be on top.  I enjoyed giving her head to her do what she felt natural to do.  I was feeling such love for her, such raw passion, such respect; such caring to protect her, she pleased me so very much.  She had her way with me and each moment of this was pure enjoyment pleasure for me.   It was hours of this delight when we both rested into a slumber holding each while the magic of this dark hotel with the vampire history moved around us. 
Does life get any better in Paris with this kind of moment?      

    The Roses on the Table that overflowed this feeling of love with passion quietly filled our suite with this heavenly scent.   I planned on covering her later with the rose petals all over her body in this bed.  She slid into a quiet cat nap.  The red silk cord lay there between us.  I was satisfied beyond my wildest dreams and I knew she was feeling well nourished by what we just enjoyed.  

BOOKS will be sent out upon order on 8:17:2013 thru 8:22:2013 to receive a FREE 'e book' from Roshandra, R.M.Simone, the Author.  THIS BOOK IS YUMMY.
Paper Back is $17.99   Hard cover is $33.99

Gothic Gates
by R.M.Simone’

Gothic Gates
by R.M.Simone’

Sometimes Love Begins this Way

We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop,
 written in the stars,
and holds us in her bosom of forever.
Every girl, young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it.
For if we did our dream would not come into being, 

Edition 2 of Gothic Gates Venice, Falling Into Love

Edition 2

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  2. Jessica Petersen ( Regarding NOVELLA ALLEANDREA )

    Every book you write I must own ! I mean it , the energy off the pages is unbelievable. It is beyond enchantment , I am literally savoring every word , too beautiful. I mean it ! I can visualize everything written in the story down to the detail ! I have a picture I'm going to send to you that reminds me of Alleandrea

  3. Andrea Johnson Yesterday the hard copy of the book arrived... when I opened the package and held the book in my hands - a wave of amazing love swept into me... I swayed with dizziness at the intensity of it... LOVE LOVE LOVE FROM Face Book...thank you Andrea Roshandra warmly writing on

  4. Cristela Nunez Thank you Roshandra for firstly aiding in cutting cords from past relationship, secondly clearing, lastly bringing me back to the inner DIVINE FEMININE. It has been a process of much CLEARING and GROUNDING but most importantly of SELF LOVE and REDISCOVERY. I feel my current mate and I to be just that, ANGELIC TWINS. Would not have allowed his entrance into my life without your guidance. Lots of LOVE. BLESSINGS ALWAYS

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  6. TWIN LOVE:::Ameera Beth shared your photo. From FACEBOOK 9;27:2013
    Options for this story
    Hey, if you are curious about Twins and Soulmates I have read this book... I feel her information to be very accurate and the images a really lovely.