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Monday, September 22, 2014

Gothic Gates...Gothic Gates New Orleans launches 10:31:2014

Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone’


My Current new Book is GOTHIC GATES, by R.M.Simone'
It i s a very STEAMY, Complex, Complicated story and a Romance.

Intrigue and Mystery along with all the things GOTH.  DANTE" is beyond wealthy and he is also an Immortal.  "No" he is not a vampire.  He does work in the dark areas and GOTH, his business of social parties is all about the exchange of this world with the rich enjoying theme gatherings he franchised created.  GOTH IS IN.  He also knows his Divine Perfect Match is on the planet and he orchestrates knowingly her into his life now.  She has a threshold to cross over and maybe join him on this life time into his WORLD.   

This CHARACTER of "Dante", 'grabs' me and his 'world' and his 'Secrecy'.  His LOVE Story is one of a 'kind' along with how this relationship is through the sensual side of both their natures. 

STEAMY LOVE with a story mystery adventure that will let you look into the GOTH WORLD.

Roshandra warmly writing on.   

Series is GROWING...Gothic Gates NEW ORLEANS Launches 10:31:2014

Gothic Gates Mount Blanc... is coming for CHRISTMAS

Paperback and Hard Cover copy Books 'e book'

Monday, September 8, 2014

Twin Love 

by Roshandra

BLOG  Chloe Thurlow - UK erotic author

Twin Love - does it really exist?
by R.M.Simone'

The dream I carried inside was maybe a fantasy about love. 
I was too old for fairy tales. I
 did, however, hold to this wish, that love in some strange way would ‘meet itself’ 
pouring forth all that was withheld. 
I never told anyone about my wish.” 

GOTHIC GATES VENICE by r.m.simone'

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cygnus Love CODES ...What are they? by r.m.simone'

WHAT are the CYGNUS CODES?  Novella Alleandrea his Beloved by r.m.simone'

 How the CYGNUS LOVE CODES WORK.... you need to read all THREE VERSIONS of Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone'   within the 'e book, the paperback book and the hardcover copy' there sits ENERGY LOVE CODES that the 'reader' downloads while reading the LOVE STORY.

 Alleandrea is a VENUS CONDUIT for Twin Love mates and Twin Rays and Key Soul Mates...  Her story is a beautiful one and within it is the MESSAGE of this NEW Paradigm of LOVE lost to us from AVALON and Atlantis times.   This is ushering in a NEW ENERGY of ROMANCE.

THE CYGNUS CODES carry this frequency.

 Roshandra warmly writing on  

 Alleandrea is our NOW TIME Venus on a Half Shell 
and the Swan Maiden with the Knight MYTH LOVES