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The Gold Ring

By R.M.Simone’
June 21, 2013 
all rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simone
Paris was in her shroud that evening when I saw her walking across the boulevard to the café.  It was night time in the rainy season of late fall. Normally tourists were all gone by this time of year. I watched her leave the Louvre’ as she darted between the slow late traffic. 
Only the locals were sitting in the café.
The rain was about to come down but she made it in time while the fog draped the landscape. Mizzle is what some people called this kind of rain in the mist of the fog. 
She was out to meet someone I wondered? 
My mood matched the shroud of Paris at the moment. I could not stop looking at this girl. Something different about her compelled me to watch.  She had a naivety and that American trust that the world was a safe place for her.  It was not.  She looked like she just got out of college. Maybe twenty three years old at the most. My attention kept being drawn back to her. She was reaching for her cell phone to probably call the person she was meeting.  I quietly watched as I stayed in the shadows at the café. She had not noticed anyway. She was about to grab a table under the awnings as it appeared maybe near where I was watching her from.  She put her cell phone back into her pocket then looked right at me.  Our eyes locked.
I don’t think she expected to see someone staring at her from the dark. I debated to speak up with introducing myself. I debated longer than what might be considered polite.

My name is Asten Blaine Bradwell . 
(will be changed when moved off FAN FICTION)

Chapter 1
Paris Rain...Meeting in the Dark

Chapter 1
Paris Rain meeting in the Dark

She was startled standing there like a deer In the head lights. I could see she was not expecting to see me in the shadow of this Paris café.  I still debated whether to speak or not. She was trembling.  I shifted my sullen mood to polite manners and stood up pulling out a seat for her.

“Miss, it’s ready to do some raining, better get under the awning. Please have a seat. My name is Asten Bradwell.”

She was still standing there then the lightning struck hitting near the Eiffel Tower.  The evening sky fully lighted up as the background behind her sparked with flashes.

“Miss, you better get under cover, the weather with lightening is dangerous. I did not mean to frighten you.” 
Finally the deer spoke. “I did not see you,  I just came from the Louvre missing my friend on meeting her.  The weather caught me without an umbrella. I hoped to run into this café and call my friend but my cell is dead on battery bars.”  Finally the deer sat down.  She was shaking. Proximity to me when I am in a dark mood was not always the best thing to be near.   I tried to brush that off to lighten up some. The deer I felt could not handle me in my moods.

“My name is Alexia; Alex for short; Alex Bryn;
 I am visiting from the United States. I notice you are English.”

I smiled as I began to enter into polite conversation with this total stranger. Paris is filled with strangers but this time of night was dangerous for all that found themselves alone. I was still puzzled why I could not stop looking at this deer. Something about her was different but what? 

I pulled out my cell to hand to her to call her friend. She gushed with gratitude. When she did then I realized how warm she was while emitting a change in her aura.  I saw energy auras around people. It was easy for me to see their moods, sense their motives, or manipulate them if I needed to.  The deer did not seem to have anything I wanted but I kept staring at her.  As she relaxed making her cell call I saw these gold sparks coming off her aura.  She had gold in her energy field. This puzzled me as I only had scene gold in the electric energy field of those that were very advanced master in alchemy.  I was still in my seeking the rest of the occult information I needed to aid this transformation of my own alchemy into the immortal zones of being here.  She had gold in her aura as that did intrigue me.

“So, Alexia may I ask what brings you to Paris during the off season for tourists?”  She had just finished leaving a text message to whomever she was meeting. She looked up at me while our eyes locked again. I was having a hard time pulling my eyes away from doing that with her.  I had to look away to shake it apart as it was magnetic. I kept thinking she could not be more then maybe twenty four years old at the most.  I was thirty three besides the fact I was working on my immortal changes.  I was focused on this reason this brought me to Paris. I wanted to ask her age but stayed polite.  She began to talk.

“Well, I came to do some art drawings.  I am intrigued by the Swan painting in the Louvre which is said to be the Rape of Helen by Zeus.  I am also extending my Master’s degree into world religions and the occult.  Paris is going to give me many things to explore.”

That perked my attention. She was interested in the occult.  Art of course, everyone comes to Paris for the Art, but the occult. I squared my shoulders as she intrigued me more.

“Really, you are a student of the occult Alexia?”

“Well I am drawn to it for some reason.  I have had my aura picture taken at a fair In the States recently and the woman taking the Kirlian photography picture told me I had gold in my energy.”

“Really, and you believe in that kind of stuff?”  Asten sat back to see her reaction.

“Well I am into Alchemy actually.”   The deer suddenly almost sprouted wings when she said that. I began to envision mythical beings around her like unicorns.

  Was she an angel sent to torment and tease me? Is everyone these days looking for the magic of what books talk about?  I looked right at her but she seemed to have become comfortable sitting near me.  I smiled while resuming my good manners.

“Well, now that is a deep subject and very complex.  So you believe in those sorts of things?”

breaking it up into THREE stories.... Asten managed to 'stay clear' of all the Illuminati offers he got. Just his look and demeanor of his aloofness with detachment made the players in that world always draw to him. His pathway though was of his own that made him a solo mysterious male. He was on a pathway of the Alchemist that would bring him to his own immortality. When Alexia showed up, his world was threatened as was his plan of his Enlightenment. She fascinated him. He could not stop looking at her. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to figure out why she had gold in her aura. She was jis philosopher's stone. He marveled at the gold she carried in her energy. Every time they he touched her body, she spark electric gold flashes. She was his alchemy key.

HERE is my New story of Asten and Alexia in Paris France and Alchemy taking them both into the OCCULT. He is looking for a way to move into being an IMMORTAL and Enlightenment. She is a Post graduate college student majoring in World Religion and the Occult. They meet in Paris as she was told she would meet a dark man she would trust. She had gold sparks in her energy aura. He saw auras. He never saw gold in a person's aura. When they touched hands she sparked this gold. She is to be given a GOLD ring on your journey. Their attraction is both instant but yet mysterious. He is dangerous while she is too trusting. He is fascinated by her. Together they find they are the same but different sides of this gold coin. 
Together they are going into a world of the occult in Paris, France.


Awakening ~ SunSet
by R,, M. Simone’
June 6, 2013 all RIGHTS reserved and owned by original author Roshandra Mitchell Simon

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