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ONE KISS 'a rites of passage' of Virginity. R.M. Simone' from Fan Fiction to Novel

Chapter 32  ONE KISS author R.M. Simone'
Time to Rock My World
My best friend Alise was in the 'glow' of dreaming about Jonathan. We all go through that. I was still working hard sorting out Ethan and working together. James Wolfe was on the back burner while I was trying to hold myself to 'earth' ground and not getting ahead of myself. Everything inside of me was on fast forward and the fire that ignited between us.
Alise deserved whatever this surprise neat guy was in her life. She was a treasure and fast on her intuitive gifts of 'knowing things.' Issues of the heart though, that causes us all go into that zone of 'rose colored glasses' and the fantasy of maybe forever after love. We are always planning a wedding that keeps our eye looking for the right DNA father for our promise of babies.

 I was different. I never thought about a wedding. I was more practical, and I wanted my career to support me. My mind was always active in the independence of being more mature than my chronological age. Ethan though, everything around this brought me into a chaos that could only be described as losing my mind to my desires and yes, this feeling of helplessly drawn into the abyss of 'no control' over my usual logically moving mind. With Ethan, it was a battle to keep my own head quiet, above water and intellectually manage things. The sad truth was, we combusting together and then it was 'off to the races'. I had to laugh at this fact as “I didn’t see this coming in my life and I thought I was safely armored against this kind of heated sexual romance.
I figured wrong.
I looked over at Alise 'babbling' on as she was clearly showing signs of 'begin in love' for this chance meeting with supposedly 'Mr. Right'. I was truly happy for her. He had to pass the 'friend test' and I was looking out for my Alise. So far, Jonathan sounded too good to be true. If he turned out to be a kind man and gentleman with manners of another time, I would know if he was real or not on that. Window dressing, I would call it. On the other hand, if he was the 'real deal' I would give my blessings. Alise was a gem of a fairy with unseen wings and a heart of pure magic. I would always be her wing-girl.
I sighed and took in a deep breath. Alise kept chatting away and my thoughts took me to Ethan.
Something told me my world was about to be Rocked!
Ethan was no ordinary guy. I was thrown off the cliff and falling into the abyss and now I would find out if I could handle all of this. My world was no longer as neatly set as it was or how I wanted it to be. I was flying now in new territory and off the ground. New horizons coming in and I hoped I could FLY. After all, Ethan brought out inside of me something I had no idea was sitting dormant all along.
My passions were kindled, and everything began to be ROCKED.
Breehan Marie Cygnet

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ONE KISS novel 1 from R.M. Simone A Fan Fiction story to book.


ONE KISS novel 1 from R.M. Simone’  – a Fan Fiction cross-over story.
Breehan Marie Cygnet   HER THOUGHTS – Note from Author R.M. Simone’ on story.
Bree and Ethan
The week apart creates time for both Ethan and Bree the polarization changes they each must think about. It is crazy love with passions, flying wildly so high is a runaway train taking their life purposes off track at a moment’s combustion. What had Bree opened within herself with the sexual primal levels of carnal passions? Had Ethan created his own watershed? He’s building his company in public relations, media world and success for his clients he helps to model their product image may be flipped on its end. Having her in his office in Seattle was a solution to help her work feeling comfortable. Is Alise going to change the look of his branding environment of the PUBLICIS? You betcha… Brother sister dynamics are about to come into play now. Relationship dynamics are each thinking over the next move when they reconnect. Breathe Ethan, your strong self control will handle the volatile changes you both erupt with and calm things down. Still water runs deep. Bree needs to keep her head clear now too, she must juggle this real life, career opportunity and also the side consulting commitment to James Wolfe’s good cause. Oh, yes, enter James Wolfe in the picture too. And yes, enter Alise landing her dream job too. It is going to get interesting now to a whole next level of ONE KISS Story, by Roshandra.  R.M. Simone’  

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BOOK V Saga THE KISS novel one from R.M.Simone' Vampire Kismet

The Kiss:
 Upon seeing this vision of Beauty for the first time, my Venus on a half shell, Kismet walking towards me...  
“Breathe, I told myself, just breathe".  ’Kissing her was easy'.  


 Her face never left him. Her eyes… her mouth…Her stares into the depth of his Soul.


Then the Desire took over. From that moment she entered the room there was an air that changed around the masquerade ball. Her blonde tresses of cascading hair, her sweet petite frame and the way she came to the moment was a vision instilled in my memory forever. She was breathtakingly beautiful and yet not aware of it. Every sense felt her and the miracle of her loveliness. This young woman was a dream, an angel speaking to me in a way no other female had ever done. She captured my full attention and my vision narrowed until there was only her. Yet there was something more, something about her scent and her heartbeat and how it enveloped my mind and engaged every part of me.  Even for a human of such lovely natural beauty, her heartbeat was being felt inside my own shell. This drew me even more to her and from that moment there was only her. 


Kissing her was easy.  Everything about her drew me deeper into being near her. The temptation of hearing her heart beat and her scent overwhelmed all the self composure I would normally have.  Turning, her so quickly was not what I had planned. Would in fact, none of it was planned. All that consumed me was being close to her and that she was mine.

Quote from THE KISS 
Truly I loved her.
Now the lies would begin.

 She was dressed in a periwinkle, French Blue gown with a Gold bodice.  She carried her Swan Mask in her hand as did he carry his.  They were the only two at the Swan Ball of his uncle's, not wearing their masks.   All eyes befall upon them both.  The SARABANDE" played on and this vision of Venus unkowing her FATE walked towards him.   KISMET happens and when it does, you gather it all in for Love like this is so Rare you must not breath for fear you lose a nuance of this moment of meeting.  '
 Edear Vallen Le Toussaint ATHANASE' Meets his Kismet, Alleandrea Marie Toile'.  And so the SAGA Begins...   

BOOK V Saga from R.M.Simone KISMET Vampire Romance 

Novella Alleandrea His Beloved

Novella Alleandrea His Beloved

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Shades Of Love by R.M.SImone and WHY TANTRA...

What makes this so different of a love story is the fact that meeting this strong attraction brings an unexpected turn and experience to them, that a sexual bond occurs.   
In Vedic Astrology, it is termed, YONI LINGAM union.  
It is deeply sacred and this combustion and attraction is what is moving a dimension of their relationship.
Intimacy of this nature weaves Energy.
Sexual energy and Kundalini is a Secret most never fathom.
 With Gabriella and Tristan, this came naturally.
This happens with SOUL Mates.
It also liberates and evolves as the couple explores the dance of the form the Tantra takes when the couple is unfolding with the exchange of this Alchemy.
 This is a rare and yet attainable Sacred Love Making and for them, this is what makes it so unique and so special.

In the story, their experience is told through the books and the chapters allowing the reader to listen in and feel in many cases this energy that is playing through the couple and weaving this into a BOND for them.

Author R.M.Simone 
warmly writing on


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Gothic Gates series by R.M.Simone' A classic hidden darker side NOIR GOTH within a modern romance.

STEPPING into the WORLD of GOTHIC GATES series by R.M.Simone' Goth, modern romance and a NOIR back story classic. Oh, yes, an IMMORTAL called DANTE'...
No one does romance like Dante does. Samantha Devon has no idea what she has been brought into. Masks, a world of Gothic Enterprising covering his true nature and hidden life. Dante' sits in the 13th chair in his secret Board Meeting group of business men that are immortals playing a global game of light and dark moves.

Well read the first 33 pages free or listen to an excerpt of Gothic Gates book 1.

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Guise; trilogy Menage A Trois by R.M.Simone'

Sparkle. Sparkle glitter GEMS... The Snake offers a gift.
Visions and other worlds drew me in.
The GHERKIN BUILDING in London sat upon a magical parcel of land in England of OCCULT design. A TRAPEZOID shaped property of geomagnetic Masonic form.
Now this Snake? A gift with a dual nature was extended before this meeting came to fruition.
Was I up for this? Or course I was. My KUNDALINI was Rising and so was my Knowledge sitting deeply within my Soul. Was I Ready? Yes... Showtime and curtains going Up... The cunning snake 🐍 with its dual nature. Forked tongue and extended gift in hand floated the arcane magical Naga power coiled before me. I would not touch it, yet I could weild it's energy and my own inner Goddess SHAKTI would move with this. My EGYPTIAN past lives steeped in the Wisdom of how to divinely move with this. Vision served me.

GUISE' by the R.M.Simone Menage A Trois trilogy and Arc sample

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Shades of Love trilogy REVIEW for book 1

REVIEW OF Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone on Amazon 
A refreshing new voice in romance!
ByCorissaon December 11, 2017
This story is a new take on a popular storyline that has been done over and over. It started with Twilight, continued through fanfiction, where it leapt into global status as Fifty Shades of Grey. Hundreds of thousands of people have read or been to see FSOG. Many people are unaware of the fanfiction based on Twilight that launched FSOG, but it is there. Many talented authors got their start in the fanfiction community. Each with their own spin on the original.
R.M. Simone is one of the amazing authors that took an idea, thought of a way to make it better and pursued it. The tale she has spun from the fandoms of Twilight and FSOG has never been done before. She has offered up a different voice and tone to take this story to heights unimaginable by many.
The story follows a strong and confident author on her journey into the publishing world. When her day takes a turn and she ends up at a photo shoot with a business mogul her world tilts on its axis.
She finds herself more than smitten with the man who sets her body aflame. She tries to understand her intense reaction to this man she barely knows. Going through a full gammit of emotions trying to figure out if her body's response is ruling her head or if her head is ruling her heart.
This is not your average love story. The intensity in which the emotions jump off the page is breathtaking. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different, that doesn't follow the normal girl meets boy repertoire.
I particularly enjoyed the discussion after the story ended. It is an in depth look at the world of fanfiction that exploded after Twilight. I imagine it would be very beneficial to someone unaware of how the fanfiction world works.…
Shades of Love book 1
Shades of Love PASSION book 2
 Shades of Love GRATITUDE book 3

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ' e-books' 



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