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Notes by Roshandra

                  my Ideas, writing thoughts, and what is on my mind at the moment.  I play with an Inspiration often to see what the Vision brings me.  I also will have a 'character' begin to speak to me that suddenly opens more of a story of the process this connects to and often a book on this.  As a 'writer' inspiration is key for me and the flow of ideas that form a central idea for a story I wish to engage and immerse myself in.  
 I merely 'write on'... Roshandra warmly sharing.   

Right now at the moment I am playing with ALCHEMY series.  Book 1 of this group.  I love my male character and this female that has walked into his life.   This is how relationship often happens.  A surprise or bolt of lightening and clouds part when we meet or see the One.   Further in this story there is this theme of Alchemy approached in the philosopher's way and a modern occultist.  Grid ley lines and the Louvre are part of this.  High Art and Nicholas Flamel is mentioned along with locations this resonates to the past, present, and changing dimensional realms opened to one that is on this pathway.   In this book, the theme of "GOLD" is touched in and this metaphor lof 'All that Glistens is not Gold'.  I also bring in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice lines regarding 'gold' and also C.S. Lewis verse on the mirroring of this understanding of that statement.  I FLIP it so you can read into it both sides of this.  This is very occultist in nature to do so.  I enjoyed doing that and the characters in the story are unfolding in this nature pathway of Enlightenment through ALCHEMY now in modern times.

This is a Look into how I work, do my stories, write, and my own mind of the matter.

Writing on warmly

 Le CLUB is being worked on also 

My Moods, Roshandra

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