Tuesday, September 10, 2013

VELVET by Roshandra for Fan Fiction

Velvet    by Roshandra

 What "Edward and Bella" Want You To Know
by Roshandra for Fan Fiction
 the 'characters' belong to Stephanie Myers and TWILIGHT
Fan Fiction allows the use of the characters name in a story

The STORY "VELVET, What Edward and Bella Want You To Know"
BELONGS to Roshandra

this is a 'gift story' for all the fan fiction and Twilight followers of this Love Story and characters about Edward and Bella.

I began to ponder the completion of TWILIGHT Saga and as an 'author' myself, Roshandra, I began to see a 'story' present itself to me through these two characters and what began to be a Dimensional Life of Bella and Edward that might make more sense to the FAN and the personal lives of the 'characters' behind the Actors of this Story.
Bella and Edward are living an Idyllic life as TWILIGHT books and films close.
Fans were wanting to know more.
Behind the 'energy scenes of this story' another story lies there with something
that BELLA and EDWARD Wish to tell all the Fans and Readers of this story.

It came as a 'dream' the meadow scene to the original author.
It came into being as a film and first director Catherine Hardwicke.
Now it comes to help the rest of this story give a MESSAGE about what happens behind the Dream message, the book, the film and all the rest that plays out in Hollywood.
ARE BELLA and EDWARD "Real"...
I think so and this Story brings you this
 MESSAGE of theirs about this RARE Special LOVE they have
Even about the 'break up' which is part of the story now too.

Dimensional realities are not fantasy but it opens the 'door' through which we pass into realms that are a blending of imagination and messages of meaning.

Open the story in Fan Fiction from Roshandra.
Music is included

the CODES are in the Music
Avignon is the Emissary 7 D angelic guide
Regulus is Reggie the White Lion from Lyra-Sirius
David Da Vinci is the Music track man 11 D angelic sound mixer

       THE MUSIC VELVET from SOUND MAN in London - France

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