Saturday, June 1, 2013

Novella...Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone' 'e' book

 Novella   Alleandrea, his Beloved    
                                       by R.M.Simone


Book available now  

I am thrilled to announce my '‘e’ Book is now ready for those of you wishing to read some of my work.  Please email me here or follow the Links 

Gratzie', Roshandra warmly writing on 

Please EMAIL me to purchase the PDF copy directly at
or you may also purchase from the 'e' book for your kindle, or laptop.
or you may purchase a Hard Copy of the Book through LuLu

Music for Sarabande' from Book V also in Novella  Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone

Music is from Azul Music, Cal Howard playing the Sarabande on acoustical guitar.


  1. here are the LINKS:
    please EMAIL me for your e Book directly from me Roshandra the 'author' of Alleandrea, his Beloved and $5.99 pal is accepted and credit card.

    Gratsie' Roshandra, warmly writing on

    you may also purchase this via AMAZON on line as an e book for your Kindle or Lap top...the 'e' book is $8.99 with Amazon...again...

    molte grazie Roshandra...

  2. Andrea Johnson Yesterday the hard copy of the book arrived... when I opened the package and held the book in my hands - a wave of amazing love swept into me... I swayed with dizziness at the intensity of it... LOVE LOVE LOVE