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DOMINATRIX by Roshandra for Fan Fiction Edward Bella A.I. Area 51 Techology

By R. M. Simone’   -  Roshandra
10:05:2015   DOMINATRIX story line is an original created by author R. M. Simone – Roshandra and all rights are owned and may not be reproduced without written permission from author.
TWILIGHT disclaimer.  Characters of Edward and Bella are being used in a non-copyright infringement for fan fiction entertainment.   

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the Time of the robotic humans. 
He was an experiment.  So was she.   Everyone had to have a mate, didn’t they?  Even if they were artificial intelligence – It began as a joke in the laboratory and on the back lots of MGM Grand.  Sci-fi writers took TWILIGHT and the two key love characters and twisted it into a machine of a new age bent on continuing the saga.  What Saga?   Well, the money machine franchise feeding the masses to boost more sales.  The joke was that the lab came up with a replica of her.  Of course, it would be a DOMINATRIX.  It was a joke.  But then he showed up.   The love story continued, even if it was artificially created.  Could they tell the real people from the A.I.?   What did it matter?   We had a new money machine.  DOMINATRIX by R. M. Simone’ - Roshandra. 
Time of the MACHINES and their LOVE Story.

 Chapter One
The Lab

It began purely as science.   It became twisted in the coffee break-room.  We were all scientists living in Area 51 with no sunlight for months.   Underground bunkers deep down into the earth with all the other crazy mad scientists.  We lived on Coca Cola, Oreo cookies and a lot of high octane coffee.   We frankly were bored.   Someone was reading and into Fan Fiction stories and the Twilight spin offs sharing his fascination for that vampire phenomenon.  We drummed our fingers and listened passively till that one moment when he suggested this idea.  We all sat up and began to brain-storm.  After all, that is what we did as scientists with I. Q.’s off the charts.   Brains before thinking anything through, true nerds we were.  We were bored and Timothy had a crazy idea of creating a Bella and Edward A. I.    This is how it all came about.

Fan Fiction by Roshandra - DOMINATRIX

Chapter Two
Twilight Blueprint

Seriously, this is flawed.  The coffee room, conference broke into laughter while Michael held in his hand the assignment given to the ‘brain team’.  Hollywood studio was bank rolling this far out idea with plenty of loopholes to make any computer code programmer dance the ‘happy dance’ for months.  These poor guys were locked in with no daylight, no sense of time, other than the clock on the wall in each lab and the friendship of other crazy nerd scientists with intelligences off the charts.   This was being set in motion as a whim from investors behind the motivation of the A. I.
“Guys, listen up, stop laughing.   This is far-fetched, but if you think about it, this could be something you all could collaborate on to create a new kind of artificial robotic life form.   The idea is simple.  Take the two main characters from the Twilight hit, run the idea of the Blade Runner story on it and you got success.   The mass public would love an Edward Bella remake or the next thing to buy.  Imagine a female that looked hot, like Bella, and dominating the male droid.  That could work.  We have the studio pushing this, they will make a film or cartoon or TV series out of it, who knows, but the point is we really make this work.  I want a workable prototype of A.I. with the Twilight modern machine look for them.”

“Now, for your background assignment you need to watch all five of the films.  The first film is the key one as the soul of these characters are in the book.   The rest moved the machine of the studio into the franchise and they clearly want more money.  Make this a fun game gentlemen and there will be bonuses for you all.  Make them believable.” 

“Timothy, what is the problem?  You geniuses always bite for this kind of far out stuff.”

“Michael, we live in an altered state and world.  Yeah, we can think up some A. I. stuff and might be interesting to play out a Ken and Barbi doll life size Edward Bella thing.   Blade Runner was a classic ‘man’.   Nothing could be better or more well thought out than that classic film.   This is a joke, right?”

“Timothy, it’s not a joke.  We have a cash cow on this.  Make it a real thing and make it better than they would ever expect.”

“Michael, the big problem with A. I. is that they are without a soul.  You have DATA from Star Trek, you have machines with feelings and you have programs that run it.  It’s never going to be real.”

“Look guys, China pays lots of money for sex-blow up dolls.  So the military men or males alone have a female to have sex with.  They did a movie about a guy with a relationship with a blow up life size doll too.  Hollywood, for whatever reason is going to bankroll this and we got the contract.  Are you nerds telling me you can’t do this?”

“Michael, I am not saying that.  The guys are all thinking about it.  All I am saying is why?”
“You all live in this underground facility and you ask me that question?”

“So, they want the machines to have a friendly image that the public masses would already accept.  I get it.  More programming and brainwashing?”  Timothy looked around the coffee room, seeing everyone on his team group taking the idea of this project ‘in’.  Not one was adding his input though.  Well, not yet.

“You have three days to come up with a concept if you can do this.  I need a prototype and I need some artists' images of this too.   I want you guys to take this seriously.  Contracts get terminated soon gentlemen.  You are a far out bunch. You are weird of the weirdest and brilliant scientific minds.  This should be a cake walk, let me rephrase that, an Oreo cookie and Cheetohs walk for your coding minds for fun.   What is the reservation to this project?”

“A world filled with Bella and Edward A.I.?”  Timothy said nothing more.

“Right, well you are surrounded with alien life here, containers of body parts, heads on a pole to figure out the anatomy of other forms of life.  You guys think in code.  I want something to make the studio heads spin and this could be the next step in an even bigger franchise.”

“So, Michael, we do this project, get fed high sugar and caffeine drinks and you make the big bucks off the nerds?”

“Guys, tell me what you want.  I know you can do this and do it in your sleep.  I want this project and you are the designated team.  Look up the TWILIGHT films, look up the MIB and the talking heads and look into how the Blade Runner worked.  It was all smart.  I want something even smarter and yes, better than Star Trek Data too.   Am I clear?”

“Give us twenty four hours Michael and we are going to make a new contract.  More money and we all need a vacation after this gets off the ground.  Agreed?  The lab coat scientists expect a piece of this action.”

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Immortal vs Vampire....DANTE" from Gothic Gates series by R.M.Simone'

What is the DIFFERENCE of being an IMMORTAL vs a Vampire?    
                     Gothic Gates history for Dante's SECRET

From a BOOK Launch, a question from a Fan READER answering the question..
She THINKS OR FEELS that DANTE" has always lived with the Mortals and has gone through a PORTAL...

Good answer.  But THRU is a little different.... My RESPONSE to the question.  

CLOSE, but he has a mystery around this and even as I WRITE this and about him, this character reveals or gives up very little regarding his Secrets or his past.

He met the Monsignor, at a deep turning point in this life in Paris in a church and wanted to die.  He was in unfathomable grief and was considering suicide.   He was guided to Enlightenment or Monastic studies which turned into Alchemy.  How this came about is still a puzzle. 
 But his age is not clear or the 'blank' periods he he has shows me he is an ENGIGMA of sorts.   Now if someone is an IMMORTAL theyd do not die or leave and come back into a body incarnation.  This is part of his mystery of who he is as a man.  He has only aged about 10 years since this occurred and he is about 36 now, but this happened when he was 26 and around 400 years earlier? 

I know as the author writing this, I too pondered this.  It is a lot to wrap your mind around?  Samantha Devon is dealing wih that in the Book and when Dante' gives her some ANSWERS in book 7 of this series, it is mind boggling to her on his age.  On the other hand, her BFF, Deanna, discovering this truth about him immediately wants to become and immortal and not 'age'.  LOL this woman is amazing, but let's see how this plays out and unfolds.   IMMORTAL Love ...