Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alleandrea's Immortal Soul

Book V  

   Alleandrea’s Night of Her Soul  
by R.M.Simone’

She was a mixture of her ‘past’ and another time and the journey her soul took her on into the depths of the darkness and then returning her to the light.  Within her ‘blood’ was the secret and the fact she was an immortal too.  He awaited her return to incarnation but he did not expect how she had changed.  She was different and filled with the wonder of this gift.  To his surprise once they ‘met’ again he was going to find that she was both sides of the same Coin.  The music played on, “Breathe, he told himself as he walked up to her to dance once again with her. Around them where all the previous past life players and a cast within their own lives but it was Now in this time. As he held out his hand to her and she smiled looking up into his eyes she responded. His hand went to that familiar small of her back where his hand had always fit perfectly.  The dancers around them began to spin and twirl and the waltz was playing. The 'Sarabande' flooding their senses and his mind  engaged into the music.  A doorway into the other time opened and both this moment and the past merged. Customs of the Masquerade with beautiful Venetian Gold Swan masks on all of the dancers moved around them as he held this gift in his arms again.  On a lake of midnight blue water they danced but this time her being an immortal brought him into his fullness of his own Being.
In his Bed and in His Heart     

.    'Breathe, he told himself Just Breathe'
all rights reserved and owned by roshandra mitchell simon 
February 2, 2012
Her family home was filled with Renaissance beauty and art of another time and world. 
He walked into the foyer of her home and was taken back to another time and her. 
He looked up the staircase and imagined how often she walked up and down this stairway. For him stairs were transitions from the past to his thoughts and always his signature was a spiral staircase. Now he stood at the foot of this one and his heart beating waiting for her to descend and not able to Breathe'.  How it all had changed and merged and yet it was not written yet and he was in his own story and dream and love again. 
Everything about this moment was etched into his mind and upon his Heart.  
He waited and smiled.  His Heart in his hand and with Love. 

Book V  

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