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One KISS by Roshandra

A Completed FAN FICTION story by Roshandra
A Cross Over story of TWILIGHT and Fifty Shades of Grey ( Master of the Universe Fan Fiction turned into FSOG from Fan Fiction ) 

One Kiss by Roshandra 9:6:2015
Twilight Fan Fiction story no TWILIGHT infringement or copyright intention. This is purely a Fan Fiction story and for writing entertainment by R.M.Simone/Roshandra A FAN FICTION by Roshandra
 ONE KISS THE GAME had KISSING ... Meet at the CLUB, virgins were welcomed and a mystery match up lover partner for a ONE NIGHT only for the experience with a stranger lover. No Names, no Kissing and never see them again... 
That was the RULE

The event ad clearly defined the guidelines on how this worked. My best friend Alice, brought it to me with the biggest smile on her face ever. Her plan was to get me through this process of finally losing my virginity. No questions asked, just health reports, no STDS and over 18 years of age to consent. All partners would be computer matched up from the questionnaire filled out before. I was just ready to get this on with so I no longer at the age of 22, almost 23 now let go of this label I carried. Of all my friends in college, I was the only one still a virgin. Granted, pleasuring myself, orgasms always worked, but this was the ‘rights of passage’. Normally the high school prom was the moment most girls lost their virginity. Planned out with a new gown, a first step into grown-up world of social party time, all chaperoned while the plan was to end up with your date at a motel or someone’s parents big home finally having sex. I was set for that and my date got sick. He was throwing up all night because like most 18 year old guys, he drank too much. I was left still a virgin and he had no memory if we ‘did or did not’ and I quietly kept that to myself. I only confided in Alice in my junior year of college and she was in shock. Her mission became to get me through that passage. It was like a check list and I was far to busy for a boyfriend. She came up with this newspaper campus ad with the solution in hand. I thought I would die. Sex, the first time, with a total stranger. No names, no kissing and no second meeting the person. It said health was part of the professional safety check and wearing a condom. It all seemed the answer, fast solution and I could finally get this off my list and graduate with my MBA with my passage into womanhood. I agreed. 

This sounded like a plan.
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My New Story: GOTHIC GATES, Dante'

Here are my current STORIES you may enjoy and some history.

The Forest of Edward's Mind is been broken off into TWO Stories
those stories created this:

I found that many of the folks that were / drawn to Edward Bella stories were not open to the bringing in of a third person in the plot story I was working on.  I also found some people extremely interested in the Jaguar Girl with Green eyes part of the plot.  So I split and matured it to an audience that was more interested in the DEVELOPMENT of the Character of Edward and his life as TWO STORIES came of it.  I love what this created.  Stay tuned those both will be BOOKS rather then fan fiction as i developed the story greatly and the second book with the Jaguar immortal feline female.  Love how that moved, and will complete that this season.

The Girl With Green Eyes
by R.M.Simone's

GOTHIC GATES Dante' by r.m.simone' on FictionPad NOW

ALCHEMY, He Could Not Get Her Out Of His Mind
this is a current FAN FICTION and the LINK

AVAILABLE on Fan Fiction 

It is through their sensuality that they release the template for all beings, and every person that taps into this expands the field for Divine Sacred Love.           
This New Paradigm is the purpose of their love. 

Edward and Bella are Twin Soul Mates.

This is a Dimensional story that takes Edward and Bella into the reality of becoming Real. Both the book of Twilight and the Films portray the characters coming to a 'happy love' ending, but the actors that played them are part of this story. Dimensions are like SLIDING Doors to see Edward and Bella are now changing their purpose into sharing something about this LOVE... 
they are REAL

For Fan Fiction; Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Myers of Twilight and are owned by her.

Story for Fan Fiction VELVET “What Bella and Edward Want You to Know” owned by R.M.Simone’

What Edward and Bella Want You to Know
Music VELVET sung by AVIGNON

When VELVET becomes a PUBLISHED BOOK the cover goes to this::

RIO by Roshandra
When someone DIES before their time and they leave in a TRAUMATIC act of revenge, the soul will travel and migrate to a place that it might find its way back INTO a BODY? He was feeling her calling him and it was RIO that was her transition point. WHY? Who knows why a soul picks a location to find a way back in. All he knew was he wanted her back in his ARMS AGAIN. 
Death to Life

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the Time of the robotic humans. He was an experiment. So was she. Everyone had to have a mate, didn't they? Even if they were artificial intelligence – It began as a joke in the laboratory and on the back lots of MGM Grand. Sci-fi writers took TWILIGHT and the two key love characters and twisted it into a machine of a new age bent on continuing LOVE.
Dominatrix by Roshandra
a Fan Fiction Sci-Fi comedy 

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