Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ariane' by Roshandra part of BOOK V Trilogy

Book V  

By R. Micael’ Simone
All rights reserved and original work owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon August 11, 2­­012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...  
Her spirit guides spoke to her through the heirloom of the family mirror.  Magic was in her and as an Immortal of the good kind, Ariane’ kept her Blue Blood cousin well informed.  Her nemesis was Winter Wine and her dark friend Black Lace. Parties and soirees’ in Paris and the fashion was the window dressing for the show…all showing their best style.
Now ladies ‘be nice.’

Paris, will never be the same...

Book V  by Roshandra

Winter Winter 
Ariane' is the second book of the Book V ~ Trilogy by R. Micael' Simone'


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