Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gothic Gates, TRICK OR TREAT TIME and many new book from R. M. Simone author

What is NEW?
What is COMING?

GOTHIC GATES has two new stories being launched and added to the currently 7 in the series.
DANTE'  is remodeling his Axis Mundi in France.  A very OLD Gothic Mansion and estate he has searched for the likes of which has no comparison.   Samantha DEVON his love, is about to complete her small estate he gifted her and found some fascinating history within the structure of this home.  A PAST HOME Of her's MAYBE?    Devon, her best friend is finally meeting LOVE...Dren.    Also a new leading man entered the BOARD MEETING, Damascus.   Is he a friend or foe to DANTE?

ONE KISS a Fan Fiction 'free' read is wrapping.  88 reviews and over 17,000 view and followers.  A romance story about first love, virginity passage and about moving post college into Seattle into the first steps into the career world and life.   It is a lovely and very steamy turn of events and life FATE when Sex with a Stranger is the first encounter she has to move thru that passage.  Only to be surprised to meet him again in her interview career process.  SMALL WORLD it turns out to be.

FIFTY SHADES OF LOVE trilogies.  and ARC Free Sample reads.   A different kind of FIFTY.
It spins off the theme of Fifty in Book 1 and rapidly moves this couple and the romance into TANTRA.  What is Tantra?  You need to read the book to find that out and how this is for this power couple with a heady sexual steamy energy exchange.   TRISTAN and GABRIELLA.
NYC setting and a romance to talk about.  

BOOK V Saga and novellas.  A very Unique kind of VAMPIRE Immortal KISMET love story. 
A Paris Royal mansion bloodline and vampires born that way.  A masquerade SWAN Ball in the mid 1700's and the two star cross lovers meet.  Dare he KISS her?  Can he stop once he does?  
This saga weaves back to Atlantis where vampire two species are brought onto the planet and it moves into present time on how these vampire bloodlines are playing behind the scenes in the shadows of the world power cities.  Paris, London, Mexico City and Romania    WHY? Because this is OLD history that is modern in times and TWIN Loves are part of this and politics in the vampire royal world and Merovingian and Carolingian DNA.    It is WRITTEN in Old English EPISTOLARY Style.

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