Saturday, October 3, 2015

Shades of Love - The Hamptons' by R.M.Simone' Excerpt

    When will we leave for Paris?”  

     “The following Wednesday; it's an 11 hour flight and we can sleep on the plane.”

      “Sleep on the plane?”

     “First class Gabriella, everything with me is first class...  I want you to enjoy this.”  

       He reached for the dinner tray sliding it to the side and drawing me near to kiss me.  He pulled back, smiled and said, “Maybe I should clear the bed Miss Trudeau, we have dessert to enjoy.”  He looked over at Grace, she had not budged.  He gently picked her up and grabbed one of the pillows to place her in a new nesting spot.  He put her on the area rug talking to her sweetly.  Patted her head and she dozed back off where her second master placed her.  Animals are amazing how quickly they adjust to a living experience with new owner and the extended circle of family friends.  Tristan had it all handled.  I sat on the bed waiting for his next move.

     “Glad you did not eat too much Gabriella.”

      “Really, why? I could handle a few more spoonfuls of that pasta salad.”  He picked up his wine, took a long sip and clearly let his palette enjoy the complexity of the wine he brought 

     “How expensive Tristan, if I may ask?”    He smiled.

     “Does it matter?”

      “Curious…that’s all.”

     “Gabriella that was about fifty dollars worth of a taste I just drank.”  

      He kept moving towards me, taking me in fully realizing I had only a blouse on, lace panties and a bra   Very little barrier between us.  He calculated the question on the wine wondering, I was sure, why I asked that.   “So, that bottle cost you around $600?”

     “Ah, actually try $5,000 for this bottle.”   My eyes got large like saucers.
      “Tristan, who in the world drink’s wine that expensive?   Come on; please tell me this is seriously not real?   People are hungry in the world.”

      “Gabriella, I grew up in a family that required finer tastes and understanding what that meant and how to produce work to afford that creative lifestyle level.  I also grew up being responsible for what I spent money on and also that life is tough for many levels of society.  I grew up doing charity work and valuing what that means.  My mother made sure I did service in the communities.  When I am stressed, like this moment we went through, I need something to remind me I can get through this.  I was really upset with you.  I was upset with myself.  I am taking over too much without conferring with you as a man of heart, rather than a businessman.   I am not pleased with myself or how I acted Gabriella.  After I ran in the park, I thought this out, I picked up our dinner and the bottle of wine was my indulgence to remind me to balance myself back.  I had to climb out of those feelings of possessing you, wanting to control it all, knowing everything you were doing and the urge to be angry.   I indulged myself in a very expensive wine.  Something good, to make me feel I weathered this.   I am sorry Gabriella.  I don’t want to rush this or you.  I don’t wish to make you feel uncomfortable.  From the start of this, I have wanted to make you feel safe.  With you I have entered two worlds.  One I know of wealth, society and how that life and business works.  The other is this world of the passion between us and the heart.  I want both worlds with you in them.  I truly have waited for you for a long time.  Maybe forever…  Now that you are here, I want it all with you.  I am trying to just be with this, to let you have your space as needed and you do push me back just fine.  You are strong on your boundaries and I respect that.  It is my hope that my qualities that are of a knight and is what shines forth for you to see.   I am just a man Gabriella, like all men, I struggle to breathe at times and live and create.  But how I feel about you, for you, with you, leaves me wanting more…”
     That verse came to mind again for me as I saw him show himself to me in what he had just said.  The verse of “I plight thee, my troth,” came to mind again. This bond between us was of another world, another time of knights and maidens, of dragons flying and of angels nearby.  Castles and kingdoms, of swans on a beautiful lake and of sonnets and songs with mandolin…  I was beside myself seeing the pureness of this love proclamation from a man that was so unusual.  He shone like the morning sunrise.  He stood taller than most men.  He cared in a time most did not.  He was of a virtue that most could not scale.   I was falling in love with this man.   I had loved before, but never had I fallen in love.   I wrote love stories about this and yet, here I was falling into love.  My own love story...

Author R.M. Simone' 

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