Sunday, November 1, 2015

Immortal vs Vampire....DANTE" from Gothic Gates series by R.M.Simone'

What is the DIFFERENCE of being an IMMORTAL vs a Vampire?    
                     Gothic Gates history for Dante's SECRET

From a BOOK Launch, a question from a Fan READER answering the question..
She THINKS OR FEELS that DANTE" has always lived with the Mortals and has gone through a PORTAL...

Good answer.  But THRU is a little different.... My RESPONSE to the question.  

CLOSE, but he has a mystery around this and even as I WRITE this and about him, this character reveals or gives up very little regarding his Secrets or his past.

He met the Monsignor, at a deep turning point in this life in Paris in a church and wanted to die.  He was in unfathomable grief and was considering suicide.   He was guided to Enlightenment or Monastic studies which turned into Alchemy.  How this came about is still a puzzle. 
 But his age is not clear or the 'blank' periods he he has shows me he is an ENGIGMA of sorts.   Now if someone is an IMMORTAL theyd do not die or leave and come back into a body incarnation.  This is part of his mystery of who he is as a man.  He has only aged about 10 years since this occurred and he is about 36 now, but this happened when he was 26 and around 400 years earlier? 

I know as the author writing this, I too pondered this.  It is a lot to wrap your mind around?  Samantha Devon is dealing wih that in the Book and when Dante' gives her some ANSWERS in book 7 of this series, it is mind boggling to her on his age.  On the other hand, her BFF, Deanna, discovering this truth about him immediately wants to become and immortal and not 'age'.  LOL this woman is amazing, but let's see how this plays out and unfolds.   IMMORTAL Love ...

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