Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Of My Story by R.M.Simone'

Of My Story by R.M.Simone' 
May 8, 2009 all rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simone' ' 

Traveling to Granada Spain opened the 'portal' of change for her life and her journey. She was happily married and with a young daughter and taking a holiday, but someone in the shadows was watching her. Granada is where she found her past and the chess set she was considered buying and negotiating for fell to the store shop floor. There upon the floor was a sign of her Life changing and the past of immortals and courtly times to enter her world and a dimensional dream state change. Suddenly all the 'air went out of the shop and her lungs and she could not breathe'. Her marriage would change on the trip home and her Life moved through a new door to the past and to Louisiana. Hours she spent later walking in MIJAS above the Spanish Riviera only affirmed to her a sense of Her life changing. Leaving Lladro factory she knew a new wedding cake bride and groom was part of her life change in returning home to San Francisco with a Dream she could not shake. Her Soulmate and Twin was coming into her life and through the stories she wrote in her Books, it all became alive Journey for her as well. Breathe and write and allowing it all to FLOW. Life was a Dream now and Real.

BOOK 1 ... Of My Story by R.M.Simone' 

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