Friday, May 5, 2017

Shades Of Love by R.M.SImone and WHY TANTRA...

What makes this so different of a love story is the fact that meeting this strong attraction brings an unexpected turn and experience to them, that a sexual bond occurs.   
In Vedic Astrology, it is termed, YONI LINGAM union.  
It is deeply sacred and this combustion and attraction is what is moving a dimension of their relationship.
Intimacy of this nature weaves Energy.
Sexual energy and Kundalini is a Secret most never fathom.
 With Gabriella and Tristan, this came naturally.
This happens with SOUL Mates.
It also liberates and evolves as the couple explores the dance of the form the Tantra takes when the couple is unfolding with the exchange of this Alchemy.
 This is a rare and yet attainable Sacred Love Making and for them, this is what makes it so unique and so special.

In the story, their experience is told through the books and the chapters allowing the reader to listen in and feel in many cases this energy that is playing through the couple and weaving this into a BOND for them.

Author R.M.Simone 
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