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Shades of Love trilogy REVIEW for book 1

REVIEW OF Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone on Amazon 
A refreshing new voice in romance!
ByCorissaon December 11, 2017
This story is a new take on a popular storyline that has been done over and over. It started with Twilight, continued through fanfiction, where it leapt into global status as Fifty Shades of Grey. Hundreds of thousands of people have read or been to see FSOG. Many people are unaware of the fanfiction based on Twilight that launched FSOG, but it is there. Many talented authors got their start in the fanfiction community. Each with their own spin on the original.
R.M. Simone is one of the amazing authors that took an idea, thought of a way to make it better and pursued it. The tale she has spun from the fandoms of Twilight and FSOG has never been done before. She has offered up a different voice and tone to take this story to heights unimaginable by many.
The story follows a strong and confident author on her journey into the publishing world. When her day takes a turn and she ends up at a photo shoot with a business mogul her world tilts on its axis.
She finds herself more than smitten with the man who sets her body aflame. She tries to understand her intense reaction to this man she barely knows. Going through a full gammit of emotions trying to figure out if her body's response is ruling her head or if her head is ruling her heart.
This is not your average love story. The intensity in which the emotions jump off the page is breathtaking. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different, that doesn't follow the normal girl meets boy repertoire.
I particularly enjoyed the discussion after the story ended. It is an in depth look at the world of fanfiction that exploded after Twilight. I imagine it would be very beneficial to someone unaware of how the fanfiction world works.…
Shades of Love book 1
Shades of Love PASSION book 2
 Shades of Love GRATITUDE book 3

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