Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fifty Shades of Love Trilogy set one Launches PAPERBACKS by Author R.M.Simone

Book LINKS go Live on Monday and Tuesday LAUNCH at the Mardi Gras on LINE EVENT
Stay TUNED... Order your copies then.  Thank you ... R.M.Simone'  and for those interested in the 'e book' version go to this link NOW and read the reviews on Amazon.   
Fifty Shades of Love trilogy and Arc samples by R.M.Simone ' 'e boks'

Fifty Shades of Love book 1
Fifty Shades of Love PASSION book 2
Fifty Shades of Love GRATITUDE book 3

Fifty SHADES OF LOVE trilogy 
Author R.M.Simone. all in paperback NOW Lulu book coupon offers a 30 % off and free shipping SNAG it today

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  1. Roshandra Simone fifty shades of love
    New years prank this is a truly cute story....then it went to total seriousness and has a very very interesting spin on things for new years. This was great and I'd like to try the bath ingredients myself lol