Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cygnus Love CODES ...What are they? by r.m.simone'

WHAT are the CYGNUS CODES?  Novella Alleandrea his Beloved by r.m.simone'

 How the CYGNUS LOVE CODES WORK.... you need to read all THREE VERSIONS of Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone'   within the 'e book, the paperback book and the hardcover copy' there sits ENERGY LOVE CODES that the 'reader' downloads while reading the LOVE STORY.

 Alleandrea is a VENUS CONDUIT for Twin Love mates and Twin Rays and Key Soul Mates...  Her story is a beautiful one and within it is the MESSAGE of this NEW Paradigm of LOVE lost to us from AVALON and Atlantis times.   This is ushering in a NEW ENERGY of ROMANCE.

THE CYGNUS CODES carry this frequency.

 Roshandra warmly writing on  

 Alleandrea is our NOW TIME Venus on a Half Shell 
and the Swan Maiden with the Knight MYTH LOVES

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