Writing Love Stories
by Roshandra

Eros and Psyche
Twin Loves
 Soul Mates

Fallen Angels






Documentaries and Videos on Awakening
Clearing the Grid Ley Lines, Places of Power.


Writing is my PASSION
 I love my Love stories, Fairy tale myths and Adventures into other Realms.
Words flow off my finger tips through my lap top, pen, or my consciousness of my thoughts that just FLOW.

My Writing seems to 'trigger Visions' and in the way I write, landscapes open.
My form is very romantic of times past with sensitivity to words chosen.  
My theme is of True Love.
Of the Heart.

some say also that i seem to have a close resemblance to Louisa May Alcott of Concord Massachusetts and her writing gifts.  I don't know but 11 years ago when i was in Boston with a client's feng shui I was doing for her business, she and her husband took me on some sightseeing tour of the region.  I had them take me to Concord and i made a 'bee line' to Sleep Hollow Cemetery after dark, we opened the gates and drove in, and i navigating without ever being there Right to the GRAVE SITES of Author Hill.  There was the grave of Louisa May Alcott.   I saw huge tubes of Light over 11 feet high over their graves at night. All I can say is my 'gift' of articulation and writing seems to be of something in my nature and maybe with a past connection to other lives when I WROTE then too.   
She was a transcendentalist as were here friends that wrote some amazing works of literature.  

Louisa May Alcott

 December 2012 Shasta

I merely WRITE on and have Stories bubbling up in me all the time
My Grandmother was a story teller too and of English decent.  
It is a 'gift' and I explore it copiously through this Art and Medium.
I also LOVE Art, Architecture and Cathedrals, Sacred Geometry, Nature, the Saints and Theater. 
I travel now and offer Gatherings with my teaching work on the Grid Ley Line energies, Art and also on Ascension of this time we are experiencing of the Nature of our LIGHT.

I also OFFER and do BOOK SIGNINGS  merely INVITE me and set one up....

I have a beautiful grown daughter on her own I LOVE to pieces...parental note and smiles
I LOVE animals and riding Dressage.  My kitty is a car travel with her mistress beautiful companion.
My dogs i have shown and have American and Canadian championships on many Old English Sheepdogs which is my breed.  Now though I FOUND another breed of a darling female black Scottie to come into my Life.   

Love is GOOD
LOVE LIFE better, smiles as my own LOVE Story is writing itself now.   
 I Adore meeting my Fans of my BOOKS and I merely WRITE ON.

All my Stories and BOOKS are ORIGINALS by me Roshandra Mitchell Simon
Romance Fiction and Eros Psyche Love stories
my Other Books are also created from my counseling work and guidance and are 
PRACTICAL Wisdom and KNOWLEDGE and information I 'teach'...

Roshandra, warmly writing on

Books to Date:
Gothic Gates series
Gothic Gates, Gothic Gates Venice, Gothic Gates Switzerland, Goth Christmas, Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day, Gothic Gates Mardi Gras

BOOK V Saga and Novellas
The Kiss - The Mist - The Reborn 
Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved and THE EPISTOLARY novella

Alchemy Trilogy
Alchemy, The Gold Ring, Alchemy Passion, Alchemy Interwoven

BBW Bodacious series
Scarlett, His Kisses, Monica, Tiffany, Monique

Fifty Shades of Love
Love, Passion, Gratitude
Twin Love ~ practical book on Twin Flames
and types of Twin love and Soul mates

For ‘e books’ Author Central on Amazon
For Paperback books and Hardcover copies

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